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Tristan B. Kildaire @deavmi

@angristan how long until I get a confirmation email

So I got banned from

Fucking plebs.

@deavmi Java guy here, sorry. You might wanna check out

@dvadell Ah thanks. I am now for now

I need more techie dudes on Mastodon.

@fortune It is more than that. It's fucking weird as fuck.

@dvadell @Virelai @VickySteeves that's great to hear dude! Keep the hard work up! It is worth it!

@deavmi @VickySteeves @Virelai yes! at least it keeps me from forgetting everything, but I think I'm getting better.

today, in , I reviewed vocabulary and saw two chapters of a series with french subs.

@VickySteeves ?
@Virelai ?

So many questions.

So much to ask

So much to ponder on.

And no, I do have time for all of this. We do and always do.

Any of today's liberals are really just facists. ANTIFA is not anti that btw.

ANTIFA and all thosse "liberals" can go eff themselves.

They don't care about anyone, but their own agenda.