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This small patch, to the Linux Kernel, is the most epic burn on Intel by AMD.

Paraphrased in English:
"If the CPU isn't AMD, assume it's not secure."

Tristan B. Kildaire @deavmi

@BryanLunduke why would say assume that all x86 CPUs are insecure and then have an exception for AMD though? Are AMD's x86 circuits secure or not?

@michel_slm @BryanLunduke so it must be a hardware design that is pretty standard then?


Sorry, deleted my toot because I was conflating Meltdown and Spectre.

Reading the Meltdown paper, the authors claim that in theory all CPUs with speculative execution are vulnerable but only their toy example work so far. The full exploit only works on Intel for now, and AMD thinks their privilege checks in speculative execution means they're safe.

Spectre affects all but no full exploit yet.