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Vicky Z @VickySteeves

@dvadell @Virelai thanks you two! 72/100 but still passed!!!

today I did the final part of the DELF A2 exam and I PASSED @Virelai @dvadell

@dvadell @Virelai I am taking it easy today since I got a snow day (no work!!), so I am curled up watching some F2 with hot cocoa :)

There's one student in my class who, if I don't respond within a few hours, resends the email 2 or 3 times in ONE DAY.

I just wanna email them back to say "THIS ISN'T HOW IT WORKS"

@dvadell @Virelai I had class tonight! we did an exam and a 'choose your own adventure'

everyone I know is getting engaged lately. something is in the water back home...

@Virelai @dvadell yay progress indeed!!! I drilled conjugations on the subway home and texted with my friend in France for a few hours

shit is getting so real on Roswell season 3!!!!!!

I am only a few months behind on my 2017 weather blanket 😥 dang. I really wanted to finish sort-of on time.

Rémi and I went out to my fave southern brunch spot for chicken + waffles and pie and I'm so full I can't stay awake 😌

@dvadell @Virelai I'm watching more of "les reines du shopping" 😌 easy day today

@dvadell @Virelai I did my homework! not much but enough I think 😌

@dvadell @Virelai I speak English (1st lang), Spanish, Italian, and now I'm learning French :)

@dvadell @Virelai AWESOME JOB!! I just watched **too much** French TV today 😌

today for I did some more congujations and my homework worksheets. y'all?

@Virelai @dvadell

@dvadell @Virelai yesterday I did some congujations + read Asterix 😀