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MOVING MY ACCOUNT since bookwitty hasn't updated in forever.

Follow me at @vickysteeves@octodon.social

@dvadell @Virelai I watched Beauty and the Beast in French ☺ its my Easter so I also celebrated!

@Virelai @dvadell wait.....I'm also going to EGU!!! I'm teaching a short course on reproducibility there!!

Today I've done some duolingo and drilled conjugation.

how about you two, @dvadell & @Virelai ?

Thurs 30: 1 hour of duolingo
Fri 31: 1 hour drilling conjugations
Sat 1: 2 hours of French music
Sun 2: 1 hour of French TV
Mon 3: 1 child's book in French
Tues 4: french class started again! was there for 1.5 hours
Weds 5: did French class homework on adverbs
TOMORROW: french class for 1.5 hours!

Sorry I have been AFK @dvadell && @Virelai

ok so :

Monday: Les Reines du Shopping
Tuesday: drilled conjugation
Wednesday: drilled vocab with Duolingo
Today: 1 hour French conversation with Remi

@Virelai @dvadell

@Virelai @dvadell and Saturday I watched some of Les Reines du Shopping!

Today I just watched some F2 -- took an easy day after my exam! What about y'all @dvadell & @Virelai ?

PS. When is our last day? April something, right?

@dvadell @Virelai I am taking it easy today since I got a snow day (no work!!), so I am curled up watching some F2 with hot cocoa :)

There's one student in my class who, if I don't respond within a few hours, resends the email 2 or 3 times in ONE DAY.

I just wanna email them back to say "THIS ISN'T HOW IT WORKS"

@dvadell @Virelai I had class tonight! we did an exam and a 'choose your own adventure'